Channel 9 development

A fabulous turnout of 180 people for a public meeting called at short notice in relation to the developers proposal to increase the number of dwellings on the Channel 9 site by 100, and to increase the number of storeys to 12. This site has been through significant consultation and the number of dwelling and the height was determined after review of the Land and Environment Court and the PAC. The developer bought the site knowing the level of consultation and the restrictions. It is not acceptable for these changes to be put up costing our community much more time and our council much more money.

The community responded to the Dep’t of Planning’s (DoP) Public Exhibition of the developer’s revised Environmental Statement with over 260 submissions.  Over 95% of these called for the development to be restrained to the previously agreed 400 apartments and 8 storey maximum height.  The department is reviewing the submissions and the developer will be asked to respond to the concerns raised.  Following this it is expected that the DoP will pass the developer’s application to the Planning Assessment Commission (PAC) and members of the local community will again have the opportunity to present their views in a public meeting before for the PAC makes its final determination.


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