Traffic Committee

Can you please forward the following to the progress associations.

refer to the previously circulated agenda and papers (also attached to this email.)

Item 4.1 – Chelmsford Ave Naremburn. Recommendations adopted. Additional recommendation to monitor outcome. The circumstances of a short length of cul-de-sac forming a short length of a major cycle route was poor design in my view. The cycle route should be separate to the cul-de-sac road.

Item 4.2 – Ogla/Albert intersection Chatswood. Recommendations adopted. Council officers to discuss pedestrian crossing on site with local residents. Pedestrian measures will be at cost to council not RMS.

Item 4.3 – Herbert St Artarmon. Recommendation adopted. High friction pavement will be laid on a 100 metre section of Herbert St this financial year. A post meeting inspection inspection reveals an unexpected loss of kerbside lane at the bend in Herbert St just south of Ella St. Perhaps vehicles are being run off the road. The RMS accident data in the agenda papers does not say why vehicles ran off the road. Five accidents had injuries in circumstances where it wet in four instances and dark in three instances.

Item 4.4 – Hawthorne/Fuller intersection Chatswood. Recommendation adopted, but no council funding presently allocated for the works.

Item 4.5 – delegated items noted. 20 Oakville Rd Item 16/60 works are already complete.

Item 4.6 – Chatswood Public School. Recommendation 1 adopted for school days only. Recommendation 2 changed to 10 metre no stopping zone west of the crossing to improve visibility. The tree at the pedestrian crossing will be checked.

Item 4.7 – Willoughby Public School. Recommendations 2 and 3 are adopted. RMS advise convex mirrors are a poor solution and thus not approved. Council will look at other solutions such as locally pushing the footpath away from the obscuring wall and a barrier preventing people from walking next to the wall on the Oakville Road side.

Item 4.8 – 2 Robert St Artarmon. Due to other construction projects in west Artarmon, such as Metro Cable, 98-102 Hampden Rd, Artarmon Primary School, truck access to the Robert St site will be limited to a loop commencing at the Pacific Hwy, then Mowbray Road, Hampden Rd, Francis Rd, Robert St, Palmer St, Hampden Rd and back to the Pacific Hwy.

Item 4.9 – 88 Archer St – Traffic management plan for the rebuilding of Ferguson Lane approved – works already half complete.


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