Greater Sydney Commission 20 Year Plan for Northern Sydney

The new Greater Sydney Commission plan for Northern Sydney: The GSC has a broad remit to improve Sydney across the board, getting away from the siloed planning which unfortunately has dominated many planning decisions in the past. Currently the GSC is formulating at 20 year plan with a 40 year vision for our area. The draft will be released in November for public comment. The Commission is seeking the engagement of citizens as part of its planning process. Our Progress Associations have the opportunity to present briefly to the GSC on 19 September. We will also be preparing a more detailed submission on the draft plan. So if you have some ideas or solutions please forward them to FWPA or your local progress association as soon as possible. GSC also has a blog-style page where you can add a few words, or individuals and Progress Associations and other community groups can email if you wish to provide something more substantial.

Consider things such as GSC questions “What could we do to make your district better for people? What types of new or enhanced services (like schools, childcare and health services) and spaces (like public spaces and shops) would improve your district?” and other things such as what things do we want to retain for our community, what things do we want to change. Types of things you might like to consider are protection of existing conservation areas, more soccer & rugby fields, netball and basketball courts, a proper athletics facility, bigger kiss and drop at Chatswood Station, an off road cycleway all the way down the North Shore to the City, continued dog park access, Chatswood shops traffic issues and car access addressed, pedestrian and cyclist overpass at Boundary St.

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