President’s Message

The Federation of Willoughby Progress Associations (FWPA) was established more than 20 years ago. It comprises representatives of the 9 Progress Associations in the Willoughby Local Government Area, and enables the Progress Associations to work together on common issues.

It is vitally important that our local residents are aware of what is happening in our community, and that there is a strong collective voice on issues affecting our residents and our community. This is particularly so at the current time when there is unprecedented infill development occurring as part of the State Government’s Sydney Metropolitan Strategy, developers are looming with inappropriate plans, the newly formed Greater Sydney Commission is developing a 20 year plan and 40 year ‘vision’ for our area, traffic and infrastructure needs are increasing and Council amalgamations are looming. When our local councillors are sacked as part of the amalgamation process, and an Administrator is appointed, our progress associations will collectively be the main voice until a new council is elected.

The FWPA and our individual progress associations work with and make representations on issues to Council, our local State and Federal Members of Parliament, inquiries and Government Departments. We raise awareness on issues in our community, and facilitate community events such as ‘Meet the Candidate’ nights before elections. We are all hard working volunteers!